Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stretch Your Sketches

I am a one page scrapper.  I almost never do double page spreads.  The only time I do a lot of them is if I have vacation pictures to scrap.  Well...I happen to have somewhere close to 800 pictures to scrap from our vacation this summer.  I will never get even the best of them done if I do all single page layouts.

Since I have so many, I thought I would look through my sketches Pinterest board to look for ideas for double page layouts.  Well, since I rarely do them, I have almost no sketches of double pages.  So, I did a search for sketches of double page spreads and discovered that most sketches are simply a focal layout facing a layout designed to carry more photos.  Armed with that info, I grabbed on of my own sketches and set out to adapt it for a double page layout.

Here is one of my sketches from my blog, created a few years ago for design team I was on.  It is actually on of my favorite basic layout designs.  I took this sketch, flipped it and made my focal page.

Next I made a page designed to carry a lot more pictures.  This design was one that was often used on the double page sketches that I liked.  I also saw several others that I plan to use in future layouts to stretch them to double page spreads.

Because this is such a versatile second page, it can be easily combined with any number of focal layouts, taken from my sketch board to make interesting double page layouts.  Here is the final layout, put together.

I hope this helps you the next time you are looking to create double page layouts, but only have one page sketches. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, like what you did with the sketch; pretty paper too!

  2. Nice job on the layout. The great thing about sketches is not only can they be flipped, but they can be rotated as well, which means you can get EIGHT looks from one sketch! Can you tell I love sketches?



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