Monday, February 23, 2015

SOC Bloggers Challenge: In The Spotlight

Hey everyone! Cheryl here with a new challenge! To be honest, I had a few themes in mind, but nothing definite. I was here watching the Oscars as I typed this, when the inspiration just hit me! Our theme/challenge for the next two weeks will be:
"In The Spotlight" (with optional sparkle/shine)
Yes, I told ya the inspiration literally hit me in the face, lol! With Oscar season upon us, and March, which is National Craft Month, quickly approaching, this challenge shines the light on you! If you love cards, create your favorite style of cards! Or if scrapbook pages are your strength, bring it on! Finally if you're a Mixed media/altered artist and that is your creative passion, we want to spotlight you too! One optional twist is to add a little sparkle or shine to your creation. (As with the fashions on Oscar night, you gotta have some sparkle!)
Like our last challenge, I just know you'll have fun with this one! And speaking of our last challenge, our bloggers nailed it with the Mardi Gras/Masks and Stencils theme! Here's a look at those projects:
 Debra used the Mardi Gras colors and a great design to create this fabulous card!
 Celeta shared this great card over in the Bloggers Challenge forum! I love her use
of origami folds in the dress!
 Finally, Lois created this spectacular box card!
Be sure to visit her blog to see more pics of this creation.
Before I go, I wanted to share one of Danita's Valentine's Day creations from the challenge forum:
She created SO many wonderful projects, that I couldn't share them all here. But if you're looking for great handmade gift ideas to share year-round, I hope you will visit her blog, Danita's Designs!
Would you love the chance to see your project featured on SOC's Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook pages, or here in a future blog post? It's easy! Simply After you finish your creation and post it to your blog, add a direct link to your creations here in the comment section below, to the Bloggers Challenge forum over on SOC, or in the gallery so we can find your creations easily! Thanks to all the participants in the Mardi Gras challenge! If you didn't get to create something for that challenge, I hope you'll walk the red carpet and join us "In the Spotlight!" Thanks for reading, and Happy Crafting!

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