Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Dedication Card

Hi Everybody,

March marks the celebration of a lot of things. The first day of Spring, National Craft Month, and even Old Stuff Day (2nd). March is also the month that Hubs and I dedicated our lil' (Re)Bekah to the Lord. So in honor of all these celebrations I present to you my project.

So here is what I did.

I went onto Pinterest and found a few Baby Dedication/Baptism/Christening invite cards that I liked and one that blew me away. So I contacted the artist, Peachykeenevents on Etsy, and asked if she could sell me just file that had the text of the invite since I was running really short with time and getting the invites out in the mail to family and friends. But to keep with the integrity of her product she was unable to sell it to me (and I totally respect that), so I decided to make my own based on the style (so yes, I lifted her layout).

**Now I am not selling this card in any way and I would love to find a reason to support an fellow card maker, I am not claiming this layout as my own, this is just a keepsake for me and my family.

I tried not to buy use anything new, except the pink ribbon (I didn't have enough so I had to buy another roll) and I had FedEx/Kinkos print the text for me on the iridescent card stock I already had. The pink card stock I had in my stash, the lace I had, and the iridescent card stock was already in my stash. LOVE how this invite turned out. 

So I crafted during National Craft Month, Used spring colors honoring the first day of Spring, and in a round-about, stretching-the-meaning-of-the-day- kinda way, I participated in Old Stuff Day. I used all my old stuff and made something new. Yeah Im happy.

SO what are gonna do for our remaining March holidays?



  1. Beautiful invite and congrats to you and your family.

  2. The dedication card turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kelli, that is a beautiful invite. I love the vintage look.



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