Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cafe Con Leche

Emonie here wishing you a Happy June!  Its not  quite  happy warm temperatures here in Chicago so I needed to go a happy place, Costa Rica.  One of my most enjoyable memories was the morning coffee soooo flavorful.  Oh how I miss Cafe Con Leche.

To create this layout I gathered some neutral, muted cardstock and some themed stamps.  I think shopping your stash saves soo much time when creating layouts.  You may or maynot use everything but this method helps you move work quickly by limiting your options.

While in Costa Rica  I picked up a coffee cup because their portions were so small compared to US portions I had to use it in a layout.  
I am always trying to remember to use my stamps for layouts and I happened to have coffee and tea themed stamps...who knew!

Let's begin!  Base layer coming right up!
I wanted to  bring out the colors in my photo and create a scrappy staggered effect.
Time for stamping.....Chalk ink is the best.

Ha!  I thought these stamps were cute and fit my theme,
Now lets pull it all together with our cork elements and title.

I wish you a happy warm June filled with lots of memories and Cafe con leche!


  1. I am a sucker for coffee-themed projects! This is so fun and cute. The way you defined the "base" layer is so versatile - I can see using this style for a whole album of vacation photos. TFS!

    1. Thanks Moanica! I know you have some vacations pics so work your magic!

  2. Cute layout design, nice stamping and like how you used the coffee cup.

    1. Thanks Tena! I knew I had to bring that teensie cup back!

  3. Nice layout! Love the stamping!

    1. Thank you Debra! Got to remember to keep whipping them out!

  4. You make layouts so enjoyable to view!



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