Thursday, July 23, 2015

Copic Practice Journal

Have you heard the latest research on coloring?  It seems that coloring has de-stress properties for adults. Because of this, many publishers are coming out with adult only coloring books.  Well, we Copic enthusiast have always known of the calming qualities of coloring.  But, the coloring book movement has inspired me to create my own coloring book of sorts.  Using this, I can calm my brain and practice my coloring skills at the same time and without the stress of producing a stamp worthy of making a card with. Would you like to give it a try?  It’s super easy!

To start, I went to my favorite research source, Pinterest, and created a board with nothing but Copic marker practice sheets. If you are interested in my board, you can find it HERE.  I want to specifically work on hair, faces, eyes and clothing so I printed a number of sheets designed to practice these elements.  I have other sheets saved for practicing many other things, but I will print those out as I need to.

As I get time, or when I am traveling to teach, I pull out a practice sheet and color.  I have been diligently working on hair flicking so most of my finished coloring is in this area.  Because I’m not worried about having to make a finished card, I can focus solely on improving my skill.  This is freeing and relaxing.

Since I’m not worried about a finished product, I am also experimenting with new color combos.  I figured it would be a good idea to capture those practice images in one place so that I can look back at combos when I color full images.  I got a small notebook from my local dollar type store and vinyled the front (because I vinyl EVERYTHING) to hold my practice images.

They sit in my little book like this.  Eventually, I will place tabs in the book to divide the sections.  However, right now, I only have completed images for faces and hair.  I hope this little project helps you relax and color.  Have a great day!


  1. This is a nice ideal. Thank you for sharing

  2. Hey Renee.... I think I am finally beginning to see the stress-reducing benefits of coloring. I made a couple of Copic logbooks last month and decided that I needed to start using my markers regularly. I agree that coloring just for practice and coloring's sake removes the stress that comes with coloring because you're making a project. I am just practicing these days and putting my colored images in my little books. I figure if I can color for 15-30 minutes a day it will fill the need to be creative and provide me with valuable practice time. Thanks for your post of confirmation!



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