Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Works!


 You may recall that I started a 3-ring binder project – one using only page protectors/photo sheets -- last December.  Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and didn’t finish it.  It’s still in its organization bag ready to go, but life got in the way big time.

Well, I got another box of photos in the mail from a recent trip to Barcelona (sidebar:  Go there!) and knew I’d never make it through all those pictures doing traditional 12x12 pages.  Besides, I really wanted to use ALL of my photos.  I thought back to the 3-ring binder system and decided I would use this to document the entire trip.  I was headed to a weekend scrapbook retreat, so I was ready for the challenge!

Did it work?  Yes!  It was everything I wanted and more.  I loved the flexibility of just sliding photos into the sleeves without too much effort and then, when I felt like I wanted to do a traditional page, I could do that, too!  I see why everyone is getting into this. 

These are a few of those pages.  The first one just shows how easily you can do a full-page layout and slip it right in.  

The next set of photos shows how I placed photos in the page protectors and embellished the strip on the end on the page.  

And, finally, there are infinite ways to embellish directly on the photo.  Here, I just used a velum sticker.  I’ve ordered some travel-related stamps and can’t wait to use those directly on the photos.  

This technique is simple, but so very effective! If you have a specific event or occasion, I think this would be ideal for that.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Also, share any good tips you have for using such a system.  I’m hooked!

Happy crafting,


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing I recently started incorporating some pocket style LOs in some of my books too!

  2. Great LOs! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  3. Great layout/pages, thanks for sharing. I completely agree this is the best way to get all those photos you want to share into an album.

  4. Moanica, these are some great pages. TFS

  5. Beautiful pages and a great way to just get it done

  6. Awesome post Moanica, I felt the same excitement you showed when you were making these pages. I agree this is the way to go when you have lots of pictures.

  7. What a commendable work you have done, well executed post. All crafts are so beautiful and adorable.

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