Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Organization for National Craft Month

Have you ever noticed that when you purchase a new item(s) and bring them home everything has to be re-arranged to make room? Organization seems to be an on-going event in the craft room. As my collection of die cuts grow I’ve had to revamp my organization to accommodate my investment. Recently I found a package of magnet sheets packaged in a set of 6, 4x12 sheets, with adhesive backing. I was able to cut each sheet into 4 - one inch strips.
Using an inexpensive package of plain black cardstock I was able to place two strips per sheet which can hold up to four nested dies cut sets per page. I then printed a plain mailing label with pertinent information to accompany each collection of dies. The label includes the name of the die, the measurement increments and the other dies that the set best coordinates with. I then inserted the dies into a three holed, plastic, page protector. I really storing my die cuts this way because it’s easy to remove and replace the sheet that I need from the three-holed binder I’ve placed the dies in. This process has really stream lined my organization process. I can also keep designs, projects and instructions right behind the cluster of shapes so everything is in one place. No more in one spot for the die and in another for instructions or samples.
It’s also easy to carry this binder system to crops. Remember to place a small streak of finger nail polish or other identifying mark on the back of your dies so it won’t become co-mingled into someone else’s stash. It also helps to take a moment and draw a line at the middle point of your die to help center your cuts on your projects whenever necessary.
Additionally, I created a database of all the dies currently in the market. I highlighted the ones I already have in my collection. I can’t tell you how many times I stood in the aisle pondering which set I needed to purchase and which ones I already had. I keep the sheet in the small wallet I keep my coupons in. No more double purchases for this crafter.
One day I’m going to make a sample of each of my punches and tape them to a 81/2” x 11” sheet so I can refer to the sheet to know what I have. Then I can remember if I have a 1” inch plain circle and a 1” inch scalloped circle.
Each of us contributed to the $2.8 billion dollars generated by the industry in 2010. Is it any wonder there is an entire month devoted to the celebration of our craft? With that type of investment take care of your supplies and streamline the creative process with a fine-tuned, working organization for your materials.
Neatnix offers another opportunity to organize tools and keep them handy. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit page 7 of our fabulous magazine for an opportunity to win one if these nifty tool bags. Good luck!


  1. Thanks Samara, great tips & information. I really need to be more organize.

  2. Wonderful idea! I don't have that type of die YET. I like storing all things like clear stamps, embossing folders and samples of punches in three ring binders, makes it easy to flip through to find what I want to use.

  3. Awesome ideas Samara!! I loved reading your post.



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