Monday, May 9, 2011

Waste Not, Craft A Lot

Don't you hate when you find a cool surface ... and it's damaged? Do you throw it away ... or like me, do you see the potential?

This cool birch box was slightly damaged in transit, and instead of throwing it away, I decided to work with it to create something quick, easy and cute!

Add a splash of color by taking watered down acrylic paint, and paint the outsides and inside of the box.

Cut to size a piece of patterned paper, and cover outside of box.

Cut to size a coordinating piece of cardstock, and cover inside of box.

Now it's time to embellish!!

TIP: For inexpensive lace, it's a good idea to check the clearance bins at your local fabric stores. They sell the ribbon at wonderfully discounted prices - many time much cheaper than the scrapbook stores.

To adhere ribbon and Prima flowers, I used Glossy Accents.

Let dry, and now my damaged box is a pretty wonderful accent.

Supplies: Studio Calico Shortbread paper, Studio Calico Kit Emma's Shoppe Collection Dresses paper, Prima flowers,Glossy Accents, Americana acrylics


  1. Wow -- what a beautiful project! The patterned paper looks just like fabric. Great job on this and the instructions are super easy -- thanks!

  2. Thanks Moanica:) The Studio Calico Kit that this paper is part of actually has fabric lettering, but it's black .. so I didn't put it on. Thanks so much, this was super easy to do.

  3. Great project, love the pp & lace.

  4. Very nice work Kay you are sewing? What can't you do? Love it

  5. Thanks Tena :)

    Thanks Sandra ... I've always sewn, just not really for fun. I was raised by a family of seamstresses, LOL. I am so tempted to try my hand at those dolls you're always showcasing...but I'm scared to start another craft!!ROFL



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