Sunday, October 27, 2013


Friends…everybody needs them or so the song says and I have to agree its true. I spent the weekend at the home of one friend and in the company of others. I could have stayed with family as I was in my home town, but this weekend was all about friends. When you live out of town and visit home everyone wants to see you; but you only have so much time. So this weekend I only saw my son cause he has the new Grand Guy and the rest of my time was spent with my crafting buddies.

Friday night we went to Ms. Vicky’s and I taught a bit of mixed media. We sprayed and applied gesso and modeling paste and matte medium and paint and on on mixed media goes. Our surface was a piece of mixed media paper and the completed panel is all well, pretty and good. But what do you do with it now?

You make a card to thank the home that received you, that feed you and chauffeured you around town.


I made a Center Step card. It is easy to do.

  • Your card base measures 5.5” by 11.
  • You cut a slit 1 inch in on the long side from 1’’ to 6.5” repeat on the other side.
  • On both long sides score at 1”, 2”and 6.5” up to the slit (do not cross over).
  • Beginning at the slit score at 5.5” in the center and end at the other slit.
  • Mountain fold at the 1”score; Valley fold at the 2” score. Pinch a mountain fold in the center at the 5.5” score line and the 6.5 inch fold should fold itself. Burnish all your folds with a bone folder and your base is ready.

I cut up the mixed media panel to fit the card base both inside and out;


and also made 2 tags (Spellbinders labels ten) and a front pocket with a window cut in it for my sentiment. I added some stitching and my card only needed some personal words.


Its good to travel and its good to see Friends!


In His Hands,



  1. Oh my, but that is simply beautiful! Love how you took the paper that you created and turned it into a card. I must try that some time.

    1. Thanks. Yes this will show the ladies what to do with theirs.

  2. Beautiful card, love that sentiment; tfs!

  3. Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing the technique and directions.

  4. Gorgeous card! How lovely to share your artwork with friends, that card belongs in a frame.



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